06/07/2021 - 15:55 pm

SpanSet’s SupraPlus has extended service life

Spanset’s SupraPlusSpanSet has optimised a number of features on its round sling, SupraPlus. The new version is called SupraPlus-X.

The new round sling has a more slender construction of sleeve hose and inner layer means that SupraPlus-X is now 13% percent slimmer and therefore reduces the formation of wrinkles at the deflection point of the crane hook. This will appeal to practitioners who follow the rule that slings are either subjected to creasing or overlapping. Either is dangerous and not permitted as this could lead to damage to the sling with unpredictable loss of load capacity.

The tear resistance of the sling’s protective sleeve is increased by up to 50% and abrasion and cut resistance is enhanced. The reason for this is the reinforced ribbed structure of the sleeve hose made from high-performance polyester. A reinforced textile fibre in the sleeve hose protects SupraPlusX from adverse working conditions. The consequence is an extremely extended service life.

Often slings have to be thrown away just because their labels are torn off or damaged in rough working conditions. This can be prevented with the special label on SupraPlus-X. It is protected by a plastic sleeve and sewn to an inner woven fabric tongue to make it tear-resistant. As a standard, the round sling also comes equipped with a fibre loop for fitting the RFID-tags or any customer-specific inspection tag.

The SupraPlus-X comes with a standard effective length from 0.5 m and a working load limit (WLL) from 500 to 8000kg. That the WLL is woven into it has already been proven useful with the SupraPlus. Using new machine technology, SpanSet weaves the information on load capacity into the sleeve in an even more elevated manner with an increased contour definition. That makes information on the load capacity clearly visible even in cases of severe soiling of the round sling. It looks good and increases the knowledge that the right product is being used.

With its DNV audited factory standard, SpanSet emphasises its internationally oriented product strategy. To meet its own factory standard, SpanSet subjects the product standard and durability tests which go beyond the rules and standards applied in Germany.

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