01/02/2021 - 13:42 pm
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AlmaCrawler and Multitel Pagliero collaborate to create the UltraLight series of MEWPs

AlmaCrawler and Multitel Pagliero have been working in collaboration and are now ready to launch the first product in the UltraLight series

The Jibbi U-1570 is said to blend innovation and tradition, offering features that encompass the key strengths and expertise of the two companies.

The product is characterised by an Ultralight Boom produced with a special aluminium alloy for a sturdy yet light structure and by the Bi-Levelling Undercarriage that delivers a self-propelled tracked vehicle with a working height of 15.4m and a total weight of 2880kg making it easy to transport from standard trailers.

The Jibbi U-1560 has a 8.4m outreach and a basket capacity of 250kg with a +/-90deg rotation. The MEWP offers dynamic and proactive levelling with maximum levelling up to 22deg. For additional safety there is an ultrasonic anti-collision system fitted

AlmaCrawer says that the new UltraLight line is designed to satisfy the most demanding operators, as these machines can solve problems that traditional aerial platforms are unable to attempt. The size of the new Jibbi U-1570 ensures ease of use and movement and the 1.4m wide basket is designed to stay within the width of the machine

The Jibbi U-1570 will be available from spring 2021.

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