11/01/2021 - 14:01 pm
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Multitel launches new 25m telescopic with JibMultitel

Multitel Pagliero SpA, has launched a new 25m truck mounted access platform into the European market. The MJE 250 is the first of the new range of MJ renewals, it has a 250 kg cage capacity, four extendable automatic outriggers with variable stabilisation area so they can be extended on one on both sides as well as front and rear.

With extended outriggers and 100kg in the basket, the platform has more than a 14m horizontal outreach on the side and nearly 17m on the rear. The negative part of the working envelope is -3.5m with the boom fully extended.

The articulated jib offers further versatility making it suitable for several application where the additional articulation can help to reach the working position.

The core technology is Aluminium Multitel, which is the result of the research into aluminium alloys that the company has been conducting for many years, allowing light and rigid structures to be obtained, as well as notable height and outreach. MJE 250 is entirely designed and built in the Multitel facilities in Manta, Italy and is the first product in a new range.

The telescopic boom is made of high-resistance aluminium alloys based on a specific Multitel design. Manufactured in a single piece without welded joints Multitel says that it offers strength under any conditions. The boom has five sections of which four are telescopic with smooth movement actuated by the full-proportional hydraulics controls.

The MUSA (Multitel-Self-Adapting outreach) system has been integrated with the additional ‘X’ implementation. MUSA X combines the flexibility of the classic MUSA where the outreach is calculated on the base of outrigger extension, weight in the cage, geometric configuration of the boom (angle and length), with a new variable: the inclination of the chassis. This improvement, based on the MUSA system provides optimum performance in every position of the arm and accounts for a maximum of 3deg residual chassis inclination.

The actual measured inclination of the chassis (measured on 360deg of the arm) is used to adjust in real time the (pressure based) outreach limiter.

The MJE 250 has a strong aluminium alloy sub-frame welded by robots. The standard configuration includes  single button automatic outrigger stabilisation and single button automatic return to transport position, all of which make it user friendly.

Also available on the MJE 250 is the remote communication system, with the option of GPS localisation, machine status display  and remote diagnosis, through the proprietary telemetry system.

The platform is currently offered on Mercedes Sprinter and Iveco Daily both with Euro 6 D low emission engines, Iveco Daily 35S14H, Mercedes Sprinter 311-314, and Isuzu M21 Ground trucks.

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