04/08/2022 - 18:20 pm

Embedded SupraNano for digitalisation

SupraNano from Yoke is a digital chip fitted into lifting equipment, ensuring optimal user experience, wherever and whenever people encounter Near-Field communication (NFC) interactions.

SupraNano can be easily embedded and is readable through steel, ensuring readability in most applications. It is a simple way to digitalise product with RiConnect or any other third party software, engage the user, streamline tasks, and make working lives safer and more productive. Along with Yoke’s other digital chips, there is a now a solution for every application.

The device gives users, inspectors and customers access to product information, EC Declarations of Conformity (or Declaration of Conformity or Certificate of Conformance)/Reports of Thorough Examination, user instructions, maintenance and pre-use check step-by-step documents. It’s as straightforward as tapping the SupraNano with your mobile device, using the free to user RiConnectAPP.  SupraNano can be used with any other third party App or software, making it a very open solution in the digital chip/NFC field. SupraNano NFC offers new efficiencies and a safer operating environment

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