17/01/2023 - 15:11 pm

Gel Bloc technology delivers maintenance-free performance  

Triathlon Battery Solutions has introduced, what it describes as, the next generation in battery technology: the Quasar Gel Bloc.

Developed to outlast and outperform competitors, Quasar Gel Bloc harnesses advanced carbon nanotube technology to deliver unrivalled run time, exceptionally fast re-charge and far longer cycle life.

Said to be almost indestructible, Quasar Gel Bloc needs no maintenance, no topping up and can be opportunity charged with no risk of damage. As a result, it is making major inroads in applications such as large trade/retail outlets, manufacturing, distribution, food and beverages, facilities/hospitality, and warehousing centres, along with a host of other locations where immediate and non-stop availability is essential.

The secret lies in next-level technology employing patented nanotube fluid in a unique battery pasting process along with market-leading phenolic resin separator. The result is greater strength, greater thermal operating ranges and excellent resistance to oxidation.

“For the customer, that translates into 25% greater run time than traditional gel batteries with the same footprint,” explains Tom Burgess, managing director of Triathlon Battery Solutions UK. “It also means recharge times are cut by up to by 50%, significantly reducing running costs and capital investment in spare batteries and chargers.”

Boasting high energy density that eliminates power drop-off on ramps and loading bays, the Quasar Gel Bloc is also at home in extreme ambient temperatures, ensuring it will work outdoors in all weathers and at all times of the year with no deterioration in performance.

“Customers are switching to Quasar Gel Bloc for many different reasons,” Burgess continues. “But the real drivers are the competitive price, the total removal of any maintenance, and the extremely long lifecycle –  typically 1500 cycles or three to five years.”



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