10/12/2021 - 15:13 pm
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JLG launches battery conversion kit for customers

JLG has launched a conversion kit for its 660SJ model, replacing the engine with a zero emissions battery solution.

In response to the increasingly urgent and growing demand for electric access equipment to work on low or zero-emission job sites, JLG has created a conversion kit for selected diesel models. This is a cost-efficient and convenient solution for rental companies seeking to extend the lifetime of their existing fleet by converting it to emission-free equipment.

Converting diesel-powered machines to electric battery power contributes to an increased residual value and lower total cost of ownership. Utilisation and rental rates could be improved as the converted equipment can be used on a wider variety of projects, particularly those requiring low emissions and noise levels, such as residential urban areas. It also extends the lifetime of equipment by making it compliant with more stringent regulations, which are expected to meet the EU’s 2030 deadline for 50% reduced emissions. And as the electric conversion kit is covered by warranty, customers will gain peace of mind that their machine will perform optimally and to the high standards expected from JLG.

“While there is much to be gained from the conversion process, there are considerable losses, too”, says Barrie Lindsay, director of engineering at JLG EMEA. “The CO2 emissions of a rental fleet will be reduced dramatically – with an estimated reduction of 200kg over five years, per machine. Running costs can be cut by up to 80% due to decreased fuel consumption. Maintenance costs are also significantly lower – as there are fewer consumable parts requiring regular replacement with electric batteries compared with diesel engines.”

The lead acid conversion kit is available now, the lithium version will be available in Spring 2022. More models are to be added in the near future.

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