06/12/2022 - 14:01 pm
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JLG’s new E18 vertical mast lifts now available

JLG Industries has introduced an all-new vertical mast lift series to the market. The new E18MCL model is well-suited for construction and industrial applications that require outdoor and indoor capable machines while the E18MML model is suitable for finishing work and general maintenance work, as well as for cleaner indoor-only applications. Both E18 models are available with a Stock Picker Package Option for warehouse and distribution centre applications.

“The new E18 vertical lift series from JLG has been engineered to provide the most important features and benefits: Maximised durability, ease of serviceability and enhanced productivity — while keeping operator safety, confidence and comfort in mind,” says Misty Mason, JLG’s product manager. “These new models offer an efficient and productive way to tackle up-and-over work and an alternative to using ladders and scaffolding.”

According to Mason, the ‘E’ in these models’ nomenclature stands for ‘Electric,’ giving a nod to the machines’ modern DC electric drive system. Equipped with long-running batteries, JLG’s E18 models offer two times more duty cycles than the market-leading competitive machines. And thanks to the batteries being mounted under the platform, the E18s also are designed with improved machine weight distribution for efficient loading and unloading.

“One benefit of these new JLG vertical mast lifts is that these machines allow users to access confined spaces,” says Mason. The E18MCL is rated for indoor and outdoor use, opening up unlimited application opportunities. Equipped with solid, non-marketing tyres, its scissor-style steering is similar to JLG scissor lifts for quick familiarisation and reliable control through tight areas like doorways.

The E18MML is rated for indoor use only, making it suitable for sensitive flooring and finish work applications, including maintenance. Equipped with caster wheels, this model’s Point & Go steering is the same as the more traditional vertical lift steering style on JLG’s predecessor models.

The Stock Picker Package option, available on both E18 models, includes a fold-down work tray platform with side entry saloon doors, gate alarm and dual amber beacons.

These new models come standard with JLG’s load-sensing system. This pressure-based system monitors the load of persons, materials and tools in the platform to ensure the machines’ capacity ratings are not exceeded.

Optimised for durability, the E18s are engineered with an improved roller system on the extension deck and re-engineered mast guards to reduce the potential for debris to accumulate and hinder the operation.

These models are designed with the operator in mind, featuring modern, ergonomic controls and an enhanced entry/exit from the platform. Their quick change platform system allows operators to efficiently switch platforms in one minute to suit unique job requirements. There are five different platform options, including extension decks and trays, to choose from to increase productivity.

The new JLG E18 vertical mast lifts share commonality with JLG scissor lifts, including toolless entry into key areas, to enhance serviceability. “This reduces familiarisation time and increases efficiency with parts, service and maintenance needs,” Mason says. She also notes, that these models are compatible with the JLG Handheld Analyzer for on-site troubleshooting and are equipped with the onboard Multi-Display Indicator that provides real-time information on the machi

Mason adds that these models are also available with market-leading options such as ClearSky telematics for fleet maintenance and management, CleanGuard for leak containment and a USB charger and phone cradle to give operators extra conveniences in the platform.

“The new JLG E18 vertical lifts are spec’d for productivity,” says Mason. The E18MCL’s platform height is 18ft indoors and 13ft outdoors, while the E18MML and the E18 with Stock Picker Package Option models have 18ft indoors. The E18 models also boast a platform capacity of 450 lbs when equipped with the standard platform. “This is 22% more capacity than comparable competitive vertical models in the market,” she says.

Mason adds, “Keeping machine weight low was also very important in designing these machines.” The E18s weigh 1900lb when equipped with the standard platform — a lower gross vehicle weight than comparable competitive vertical models, which are over 2000lb. And, these models are engineered with a zero turning radius and 30% gradeability to provide maximum manoeuvrability in a lightweight machine. “This means that these machines can go on most freight elevators, work on sensitive flooring and fit through doorways,” she finishes.

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