27/09/2022 - 13:59 pm

JLG’’s Seatbelt Engagement and Operator Presence Option now available as an aftermarket accessory

JLG a leading global manufacturer of mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs) and telehandlers, now offers its Seatbelt Engagement and Operator

Presence option for select JLG telehandlers as an aftermarket accessory available through Online Express. This new telehandler retrofit kit includes seatbelt engagement assurance, operator presence functionality, a high visibility orange seatbelt and illustrated instructions for installation.

Features of JLG’s telehandler Seatbelt Engagement and Operator Presence system include:

  • Operator presence feature restricting engine start and hydraulic functions when an operator is not present in the seat
  • Seatbelt engagement feature producing a visible and audible alarm when an operator is seated and unbuckled
  • Orange high-visibility seat belt encouraging operator seat belt use

These telehandler features work together to enhance job site safety by using both visual and audible alarms, as well as limiting machine functions.

The Seatbelt Engagement and Operator Presence kit can be field installed on JLG 742, 943, 1043, 1055 and 1255 telehandler models – the Part Number is 1001281071.

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