16/05/2023 - 18:02 pm

Safety, comfort and performance in telehandlers

At the SaMoTer 2023, held at the Verona Exhibition Centre, Italy from 3 to 7 May, Merlo introduced a number of new products: the SaMoTer Innovation Award winner – 30.7 telehandler; new rotary models and the e-Worker 2WD telehandler.

The 30.7 won in the Telehandler/Compact category for ‘the original and functional solution focused on safety and comfort’. The 30.7 compact telehandler was conceived and created with the aim of raising safety standards in its category and, for this reason, it is equipped with a series of notable system. Merlo’s ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System) prevents the risk of the machine tipping over while handling a load. The Merlo Active Personnel Safety system, with its wide-angle lens cameras, provides the operator with a view of the side and rear areas and human presence detection. Among its strengths is the possibility of being equipped with the Suspended Cab (CS) system, a technological solution patented by Merlo that maximises comfort and ensures a new standard of safety.

The new models in the rotary range had a prominent place on the stand. Models 50.16 and 50.16S, 50.18 and 50.18S, 50.22S and S Plus, and 50.27S and S Plus, have improved load diagrams and increased performance and functions, while maintaining compact dimensions and meeting a requirement in the market. The evolved Roto models are the compact or medium-capacity models, with maximum machine capacity increased to 4950kg. Digital monitor and speed of up to 40km/h have become basic features.

The e-Worker 2WD, is described as Merlo’s increasingly efficient and sustainable telehandler with all-electric drive, also finds the right and important space it deserves at Merlo. The machine has received numerous awards since its entry onto the market and has also been awarded the prestigious ADI Compasso d’Oro, the world’s oldest and most authoritative design award, as “an asset characterised by advanced and culturally aware design, ethically responsible towards the individual, society and the environment, and propulsive of new material and immaterial qualities.”

The new 2WD models are equipped with two electric motors directly fitted on the front wheel reducers, ensuring front traction and the possibility of modulating the power required for transfers – a solution that guarantees maximum autonomy of the machine. The e-Worker 2WD, on the other hand, only steers on the rear wheels, like forklifts. All e-Worker models can be approved for road use, even towing small agricultural trailers. The transmission features three modes of use (Eco, Power and Power+) depending on the customers’ needs. To maximise efficiency, this vehicle is equipped with regenerative braking. Due to this system, unlike the conventional dynamic braking, the kinetic energy is used and transformed into electric energy stored in the batteries. The 2WD models have been designed to increase the autonomy of the machine. The rear axle is free to oscillate by up to 7deg, the maximum slope that can be overcome is 12% at maximum load. The wheel hubs are designed with a steering angle up to 85deg, ensuring an excellent manoeuvrability. In this way, the machine basically steers on itself by pivoting on the internal front tyre. The Tac-lock device, which comes as standard on all the models, offers maximum operating comfort, allowing the attachments to be hydraulically locked from the cab. Hooks, digging buckets, aerial work platforms, clamps, forks are some of the available attachments, designed and manufactured at the Merlo Group facilities to bring out the machine performance and versatility in different operational situations. The 100% electric solution drastically reduces machine noise emissions. The cab is ROPS and FOPS certified. All models are equipped with anti-tilt sensors integrated into the rear axle, ensuring maximum stability without compromising the machine performance. The e-Worker 2WD is equipped with the e-holder, a system that assists the operator during uphill restarts and prevents the vehicle movement when the accelerator pedal is released on any slope. The e-Worker 2WD, like all Merlo telehandlers, can be equipped with MerloMobility, a telematic system that allows geolocating the machine, remotely managing its geographical operating boundaries, assessing its behaviour, and performing real-time diagnostics.


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