07/06/2019 - 09:56 am

Lifting wedge for restricted access

A new Enerpac LWC16 lifting wedge with integral pump safely and swiftly handles jobs with restricted access.

A new vertical lifting and lowering wedge with integrated handpump is available from Enerpac for loads up to 16t with very small access gaps as little 10mm.

The compact, powerful and portable (10kg) high-pressure (700 bar) LWC16 Integral Pump Lifting Wedge is an extension of the LW-Series family of lifting tools designed to safely lift and lower heavy equipment during operations such as machine maintenance and alignment, and machinery installation and disassembly.

LWC16’s integrated hand pump, offers greater manoeuvrability, operator convenience and safety on more constrained application spaces, says Enerpac’s national sales manager Darryl Lange. The lifting stroke of 21mm  – tip clearance 10mm/maximum spread 81.5mm – is suitable for floor level lifts, such as those encountered in industries such as mining, energy, oil and gas, electrical distribution and government utility – including water and waste water and maintenance – as well as  transport and industrial workshop mechanical maintenance, manufacturing, and infrastructure and construction engineering tasks.

“This integral, sealed single-acting, spring-return hydraulic unit is a convenient lifting solution with quick configuration and set up, which saves time by eliminating the need to make or break hydraulic connections,” says Lange.

Enerpac’s LWC16 is part of the broader Enerpac vertical lifting wedge family with safety block. Other members of the LW family are compatible with Enerpac RC cylinders and P392 hand pumps

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