02/02/2024 - 14:39 pm

Mini, mighty and multi-purpose

Jekko has launched a new piece of lifting equipment, which it promises will be a real technological revolution. The JF235 is designed to make the link between truck cranes and minicranes. It is an addition Jekko’s series of articulated crawler cranes JF365, JF990 and JF545 (of which it is an evolution) but it’s the smallest model with lots of new features.

Despite its compact size – 4.74m long, 1.6m wide and 2.6m high –  the JF235’s 4-extension main boom and a 4-extension jib  enables it to lift 6150kg and reach a maximum height of 15m with the main boom and 25m with its jib. Because its performance compares to that of one of the larger cranes it is suitable for industrial maintenance, installation of glazed windows and doors and other applications in the and forestry sectors.

The counterweight, located externally on the rear of the crane on the JF545, is now built into the frame in order to eliminate the space occupied by the rotating turret at the back of the machine. The JF235 is fitted with four independent stabilisers directly controlled from the remote. Each stabiliser is equipped with a double extension and can rotate by 0 to 45deg. The stability level is calculated automatically and displayed both on the remote control and on the onboard screen, providing maximum stability and l safety at all times.

The JF235 features a Euro 5 1.5-l Diesel engine with an intelligent electronic system that adapts the revolutions to the requirements of the hydraulic system: this ensures very low consumption while the 52litre tank allows for long operation times. Moreover, the cable-powered 13.5kW electric power pack will let you operate in full electrical mode in indoor locations such as industrial facilities and public places.

The user interface of the JF235 is designed to present the machine’s operational and technical information in a simple and user-friendly way. For this reason, the data concerning stability, crane, engine and diagnostics are displayed on a 7in water and dust-proof touch screen where everything can be managed at the touch of a finger.

The JF235 introduces some innovative features such as the modular hydraulic pump, which has an optimised control of both oil pressure and capacity, this ensures maximum precision combined with utmost speed. Paired with this is the independent cooling system, an electric cooler that keeps the oil operating temperature at approx. 40degC, thus extending the machine performance and duty cycle. The entire system is designed and developed 100% by Jekko with the aim of setting a new and unmatched quality standard.

The JF235 can be used with a wide variety of accessories adding to its versatility. In addition to the hook, the 1.5t rope winch and the 2t hydraulic jib, several mechanical extensions, lattice jibs and manipulators such as the JVM800 can be installed. You can also use external hydraulic accessories, powered by two dedicated lines, such as: rotors, clamps and chain saws. The machine is also certified for the use of man baskets, available in different models depending on the capacity and movements required.



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