11/10/2022 - 17:05 pm

User-friendly minicranes

As the result of years spent in market analysis, research and development, the new SPX320, from Jekko is a cutting-edge minicrane designed to offer a smooth user experience – even for beginners.

With this new model, the Italian company unveils a modern, innovative, convenient and handy product that requires minimum training and guides the operator through the different working phases, streamlining the processes and turning even the most difficult operation into something easy to perform. From stabilisation to operation, the crane operator is steered through their work. The touchscreen of this model guides the operator step-by-step through set-up for a very user-friendly experience. This is a major feature of the SPX320, designed and developed for both entry-level operators and skilled users, and suitable for the machine crews of large hiring companies.

This crawler minicrane can easily drive through standard doorways, having a width, when closed, less than 80cm. Weighing 2300kg with a maximum load capacity of 2800kg, the SPX320 has a maximum operating height of the main boom of 10.5m and an 8m horizontal reach. It can extend to 12.8m (jib included) and is 2.95m long, 1.61m high and 73cm wide when folded down.

The SPX320 is powered by LiFe-PO4 210Ah lithium-ion batteries and can work up to 8 hours with a single charge since it manages and optimises current consumption independently. Moreover, the machine can operate under charge by plugging it to its standard 220V (110V for the USA) battery charger available on board – fast recharge taking no more than about four and a half hours.

This model is equipped with an advanced hydraulic system that reaches maximum performance with minimum current draw.  The SPX328 is designed in compliance with the UNI EN 4301-1 standard; the machine is rated A3 (Q2, A3) after undergoing fatigue tests where it reached and exceeded 125,000 working cycles (A3).

An onboard 10in interactive touchscreen interacts with the crane via the Jekko Touch featuring an IP67 Protection Rating for operation in any yard, regardless of weather conditions, from low to high temperatures, under the sun and the snow, even when using work gloves.

The system guides the operator step by step to configure the crane before starting operation and has tutorials that can be watched on the display.

The touchscreen control panel not only configures the work parameters but also gives feedback on the crane functions, manages emergencies, errors and alarms for smooth communication with the after-sales service in case of issues.

The standard radio remote control is conceptually comprised of three well-defined sections, paired depending on their function:

  • 2 levers for the tracks
  • 2 levers for winch and extensible boom, which are often used in tandem
  • 1 joystick for left/right rotation as well as up/down operation
  • 1 automatic stability switch
  • 1 confirm/enable key
  • 1 selector for the Hook Recovery system.


The Hook Recovery system automatically hauls in the multiple line hook block: this latter adheres to the crane head preventing swinging and the use of inconvenient slings/chains to fasten it.

The radio remote control has touch-proportional functions that are displayed on the screen by mean of warning lights. An advanced radio-remote-controlled self-levelling system levels the crane in an independent way so that it positions correctly no matter how the stabilisers are placed and also on uneven ground.

Moreover, the machine features an anti-jerk system that prevents unwanted speed jumps while hoisting the load from the ground. Before the tensioning of chains and straps, the operator can handle the crane at top speed but once the machine detects the load, speed will be limited to avoid damage to the structure and the load. Top speed will be easily retrieved during operation.

Another system this model is fitted with is the Kick Down system, that detects the travel operation depending on how the levers are used and allows for a higher speed during drive exceeding the maximum standard speed of the crane.

SPX328 is the first minicrane worldwide equipped with an electric jib – with a 500kg maximum lifting capacity – whose hydraulic cylinders have been replaced by electric actuators powered by a lithium battery housed on the main boom. This solution exploits the power and smoothness of a traditional hydraulic jib but uses an independent radio remote control: the advantage is reduced weight and no further hydraulic activations or electrical connections.

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