14/04/2020 - 12:33 pm

Mobile slewing jib crane available as modular system

Germany-based Vetter Krantechnik has revised its established mobile slewing jib crane and now is able to offer a completely new concept with a number of advantages.

Different transport options and quick commissioning are notable features, turning the mobile crane into a flexible assistant. In this respect, the standard locking device of the jib arm ensures safe transport. The crane base can be lifted using forklift pockets or be pulled using a drawbar/coupling system. By means of lifting lugs, the crane can also be transported using a hall crane, and, of course, it can still be displaced manually because of the integrated trolley.

The modular design of the system is novel: the newly developed crane base comprising of concrete rings can be combined with different crane models. Depending on the requirements, the customer selects the standard crane with a slewing range of 360deg or the 270deg version with an underbraced jib arm or a lightweight jib arm made of aluminium profile. Moreover, the crane, called Mobilus, is available as versatile handling crane with articulated jib arm. Accordingly, the operator has numerous options. If, in the course of the years, the user wanted to repurpose the crane it is no problem: Within the maximum parameters, the crane base can be extended by further concrete rings and another crane type can be installed – adding to the flexibility.

A video can be seen by clicking here.



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