24/01/2024 - 16:01 pm
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New EMH HF Engineered Hoists provide “built up” capabilities at less cost

Engineered Material Handling (EMH), recently introduced its line of new EM Model HF Engineered Hoists. Specially designed for heavy service Class D applications such as steel service centres, heavy steel fabricators, and precast concrete facilities, EM Model HF Engineered Hoists provide traditional capabilities of specially “built up” engineered hoists, yet at a reduced cost.

EM Model HF Engineered Hoists provide a wide range of traditional features that users typically expect from a custom engineered hoist. That includes double reeving (8/2 and 12/2), providing true vertical lift. Half-depth drum grooves eliminate rope guides.

HF Hoists offer easy access to upper sheaves for easier maintenance. They offer standard closed loop flux vector VF hoist control, designed with Class F motor insulation. For durability and long life, users can count on 40,000 hours of B-10 life for hoist gearboxes and motors.

Among a variety of other traditional features common with engineered ‘built up’ hoists, users can count on EM Model HF Hoists having rugged, durable motors and gearboxes with standard components, so that spare parts can be easily obtained when needed for easy maintenance.

EMH, Engineered Material Handling, headquartered in Valley City, Ohio, designs, sells, and manufactures a complete line of overhead material handling equipment solutions for loads of 25lb to 300USt, and serve a variety of industries with bridge cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, free-standing cranes, workstation cranes, and crane kits, plus custom and standard wire rope hoists and end trucks. EMH is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

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