17/09/2023 - 11:24 am

New EMH Single Leg Semi Gantry Crane improves shop floor productivity

Engineered Material Handling (EMH) new Single Leg Semi Gantry Crane makes it easy to transfer loads between workstations, while freeing up overhead cranes to handle other tasks. With its 10t capacity, shop floor productivity is improved. Its exclusive poly wheel design eliminates the need to have built-in floor rails, which reduces costs and improves floor safety.

The EMH Single Leg Semi Gantry Crane is a simple, effective, and flexible shopfloor solution. Proven EMH crane components complement the system.

The EMH Single Leg Semi Gantry Crane integrates the new EMH EG hoist, which has an easier trolley adjustment and integrated and robust staging that stays tightly together during adjustment. The EG Series hoist is designed to have a more spacious enclosure to accommodate much larger control panels and variable frequency drives. It has capacities of 3, 5, 7.5, and 10t and 20, 33, 50 and 65ft lifts. EG Series hoists are currently available in monorail and double-girder models.

The EG Series hoist incorporates numerous safety features. A new smooth acting rope guide tracks on a bar independent of the hoist frame to eliminate possible damage. It also offers manufacturing advantages and efficiencies: instead of having various lengths of dead end supports, there is now just one size that fits all three lift ranges, 20, 33 and 50ft. The EG Series also offers a variety of specialized hoist options including variable frequency hoisting.

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