02/03/2021 - 14:23 pm
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New Sigma 16 electric articulating booms

Haulotte has launched two new electric articulating booms: Sigma 16 and Sigma 16 PRO (Sigma 46 and Sigma 46 PRO in North America). The 16m machines are designed for many indoor and even outdoor applications, such as industrial maintenance, finishing, renovation, cutting-edge industry or events.

Haulotte says that the Sigma 16 offers the best in class working envelope on the market. with a high up-and-over clearance and outreach, it can overcome all obstacles to reach the most remote work areas.

The jib with horizontal rotation ensures precise and safe approach without repositioning the machine. This additional movement flexibility enables operators to save time with manoeuvres and access areas that are not accessible with a regular jib.

Efficiency is improved because of two simultaneous movements and an ultra-fast elevation speed (90sec to full height). For jobs requiring the use of multiple pieces of equipment. Sigma 16 can carry up to 230kg (500lb) and two operators without envelope restriction.

Sigma 16 operates indoors as well as outdoors, on all types of stabilised slab floors, because of its wide, solid, and notched tyres and its high ground clearance (17cm – 7in). The homogeneous tilt (4deg no matter the boom orientation) makes it easy to reach the work zone without machine repositioning and losing time.

The new models are suitable for working in confined spaces. They operate without any risk of damaging the surrounding environment as the turret stays within the chassis footprint while rotating. With a compact footprint and narrow turning radius, operators can easily manoeuvre in the tightest spaces.

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