11/07/2022 - 16:23 pm

Haulotte gets aboard the circular economy

Europe’s leading manufacturer of aerial work platforms is launching Restart by Haulotte: believed to be the first manufacturer’s programme dedicated to the reconditioning of used aerial work platforms in Europe. This new model confirms the Group’s commitment to a more sustainable development.

The Restart by Haulotte programme was designed to meet the growing demand for Haulotte-branded reconditioned aerial work platforms.

Ludovic Jankov, Haulotte’s second-hand manager said, “Our offer is positioned between the traditional used market, where aerial work platforms are sold as-is without warranty, and the new equipment market. This new model allows us to offer quality reconditioned equipment, available immediately at a reasonable price. At the same time, it helps us reduce our environmental impact.”

To carry out this ambitious project, Haulotte has converted its factory in L’Horme, France, into a ‘manufacturer’ reconditioning centre for used aerial work platforms.

Emmanuel Chabaneix, director of the reconditioning site at Haulotte said, “It’s a first in Europe. With a covered area of 3000sqm, the Restart Centre relies on high-performance industrial tools and the energy and technical know-how of Haulotte’s team.”

The selected platforms follow a precise industrial path: testing and detailed inspection by the experts at the Restart Centre, diagnosis, and then reconditioning according to Haulotte specifications. More than 50 control points are checked to guarantee reliable machines and optimal safety for future users.

Haulotte offers three used aerial work platform reconditioning packages to meet all needs and budgets. A certificate attests that the machine complies with the regulations in force at the time of its manufacture.

Platforms 15 years or less: The platform from the Verified programme are depersonalized and thoroughly inspected. Mandatory recall campaigns are carried out, and all machine functions, including those related to safety, are checked and brought back into compliance.

Platforms 10 years or less: In addition to the operations included in the Verified programme, the Certified formula guarantees that safety-related parts have been replaced with new, genuine Haulotte parts. All components close to failure are repaired or replaced. Partial cosmetic modifications are performed by Restart Centre operators to give the machine a facelift. A three-month warranty is applied upon delivery.

Platforms 6 years or less: The premium Certified+ offer completes the operations performed in the Verified and Certified programmes, with new batteries. Components close to failure are replaced with new Haulotte parts. The machines are professionally painted in the paint-booth and have a six-month warranty.

The Restart by Haulotte programme is a real alternative to buying a new aerial work platform. From articulated boom lifts to telescopic boom lifts, including vertical masts and scissor lifts, this reconditioning programme is deployed throughout Europe except Russia.

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