02/03/2023 - 09:39 am

New Tiger Track freestanding workstation cranes from Harrington

Harrington Hoists, Inc has released its new Tiger Track freestanding workstation cranes. These cranes are lightweight yet powerful modular solutions designed to make operation even easier than using traditional bridge cranes. The enclosed track design maximises smooth movement and minimises the accumulation of dirt and dust in the track. This means operating the system takes very little effort from the user.

Harrington Tiger Track workstation cranes can be customised to fit exact material handling and production needs and can be easily modified by adding components as production or facility requirements change. The cranes are offered in single and double girder configurations in all steel, all aluminium or aluminium bridge with steel runway. They are available in standard headroom or low headroom styles with raised bridges in capacities of 1/8 through 2USt capacities.

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