07/09/2020 - 14:00 pm

Safer Work with cameras for compact machinery

Backup cameras were initially a popular option for larger machinery such as wheel loaders, dump trucks and excavators. The size of this machinery creates blind spots, which can be brought into view by cameras. Camera solutions are now becoming increasingly popular for compact machinery due to the significant safety improvements they bring to worksites.

A camera and monitor system ensures that operators have a clear view of the rear of the machinery, allowing them to manoeuvre the machinery comfortably and easily on the construction site and to take preventive action immediately in the event of a hazardous situation. As a result, cameras increase construction site safety.

The new digital camera and monitor system from Stoneridge-Orlaco consists of a heavy-duty digital High Resolution HMOS camera and an HLED 7in High Definition digital monitor. The 180deg wide-angle lens brings the entire rear area into the picture using a single camera, ensuring that operators always have a clear view of people, vehicles and other obstacles behind the vehicle.

The HMOS camera and HLED monitor use GMSL technology. GMSL stands for Gigabit Multimedia Serial Link. With this technology, the video signal is transmitted digitally and compression free via a coaxial cable. Providing gigabit connectivity and a high bandwidth, GMSL is suitable for transmitting digital HD video for vehicle applications. The video signal is not compressed before being transmitted, which means that there is no transmission delay. The image is displayed on the monitor in real time without any time lag. Because of the digital quality, the picture unfolding around the vehicle is brought into sharp focus.

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