Åkerströms consolidating resources to strengthening market position

Åkerströms Björbo, a part of the Allgon Group and a specialist in high-end industrial radio control solutions, is strengthening its market position by consolidating resources and expanding collaborations within the shared organisation. “It’s ultimately about offering our customers and partners a solid foundation for innovation and customer value,” says Anna Stiwne, CEO of Åkerströms. “We […]

27/06/2023 - 07:23 am

Andreas Aronsson, is new VP sales for Åkerströms

Andreas Aronsson has been appointed as the new vice president of sales for Åkerströms Björbo AB. Aronsson’s most recent assignment was at ArcelorMittal BE Group SSC AB where he worked as sales and marketing manager. Anna Stiwne, CEO at Åkerströms, said,  “Andreas is very skilful and has broad experience within sales in the manufacturing heavy […]

23/08/2020 - 13:41 pm

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