12/10/2020 - 16:31 pm
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Challenge Accepted – Palfinger World Tour

Palfinger is inviting customers and partners to a digital event. This three-day event will see experts discuss challenges live and interactively at Palfinger World and present current and future solutions.

The Corona pandemic presents major challenges for export-oriented companies. Especially in times of crisis, it is important to stay in close contact with customers and business partners worldwide and to strengthen cooperation. Palfinger has found an innovative solution in the Palfinger World Tour, which runs from 13 – 15 October. For three days Palfinger World in Lengau, Austria will be the stage for exciting presentations, high-level talks with experts and captivating keynote speakers. During the worldwide live stream, guests from Europe, Russia and Asia can participate interactively. All content will then be made available on an online platform.


Understanding challenges, offering solutions

Andreas Klauser Palfinger’s CEO says, “During the crisis in particular, we have seen how important it is to coordinate quickly and work together even more efficiently. This is our strength. We understand the challenges faced by our customers and business partners and we develop the best solutions together.” There is sufficient outdoor space at Palfinger World to demonstrate how real-life tasks are solved using interaction between customers and Palfinger.


Shaping the future today for tomorrow

With “Challenge Accepted”, the Palfinger World Tour offers a comprehensive insight into the challenges facing Palfinger’s customers and the industries they serve. Palfinger is intensively involved in the opportunities offered by digital transformation, which permeates all areas – from manufacturing to organisation. Other key points are the challenging economic environment and the ongoing health crisis. Topics of interest will be discussed in a virtual format by speakers such as Andreas Klauser, Palfinger’s CEO; Wilhelm Molterer, Austria’s former Minister of Finance, and David Mayman, developer of the jet-pack, and many Palfinger customers.


Opening event for a format of the future

Originally planned with a small number of guests on site, the Palfinger World Tour is now taking place purely digitally. On 13 October the focus is on the European market, on 14 October on the CIS countries and on 15 October on markets in the Asia-Pacific region. Follow-up dates are planned for North America and Latin America. In 2021 the Palfinger World Tour will be continued and intensified as a platform for exchange and cooperation between customers and business partners. Andreas Klauser said, “We work together with our customers and business partners to develop solutions quickly and flexibly. Solutions that are innovative and sustainable, providing a solid basis on which to build. Together with our business partners, we create values. We rise to every challenge.”

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