06/07/2020 - 12:19 pm

GGR Group sells UK’s first electric telehandler

Lifting solutions specialists GGR Group has sold the first electric telehandler to Flannery Plant Hire in the UK.

The machine will be used as part of works on the new HS2 high speed railway linking up London, the Midlands and the North of England.

Niall Hester, operations director at Flannery Plant Hire said, “Following the demonstration of the Eco Telehandler at GGR’s Haddenham Depot, we worked closely with GGR to find a suitable test site. The HS2 project seemed the natural option for this machine as the project focuses heavily on environmentally friendly innovation and reducing carbon emissions of assets”.

“The Electric Telehandler has been very well received on site and has helped set up a concrete compound. The teams were able to get full 10 hour shifts with the machine without needing a re-charge. The machine was then left to charge overnight ready for the next shift. A fast charger was supplied to the customer which would have charged the machine in just under two hours, however it was not needed in the end”.

Graeme Riley, CEO of GGR Group commented, “We are pleased to have worked with Flannery Plant Hire on this sale and are thrilled that it will now be used on one of the UK’s biggest infrastructure projects. In a growing environmentally conscious world, the Electric Telehandler really is a great eco-friendly alternative to the standard petrol/diesel powered machines, and we are already in talks with several other plant hire firms to get this exclusive product rolled out across the UK”.

The new Eco Telehandler is designed and manufactured by Italian company Faresin Industries. It features a lifting capacity of 2.6t and is powered by a lithium battery, lending itself to a range of benefits and notable savings in maintenance and running costs when compared to combustion engine equipment.

Unlike standard wet cell batteries, lithium batteries can be opportunity charged without any damage or life reduction to the battery. The fast charging system means the batteries can be topped up at break times or at convenient intervals throughout the day, minimising downtime. Conventional charging can also be used to effect when the materials handling equipment is not in use.

The standard 300Ah battery has a battery life of up to 6 hours (depending on use) and a recharge time of 3h 45mins using the standard external three-phase charger. This can be reduced to 1.5h by using the optional external fast charger.

Initially launched at the Executive Hire Show in February, uncertainty surrounding coronavirus ahead of lockdown meant that the product’s introduction to the UK market was nearly put on hold.

GGR’s marketing director, Daniel Ezzatvar said, “We were fortunate to have an intensive schedule of activity planned very early on in the campaign. At the time, a lot of restrictions were being put in place in Italy, where the manufacturer is based, so we had a taste of what communication and planning would be like in the event of our own lockdown.”

“We took the decision to postpone a large scale open day that we had planned, but instead welcomed a smaller number of guests who were already further down the line with the purchasing process. With lockdown restrictions starting to be lifted and the industry starting to pick up again, we are now inviting potential customers to visit us for their own exclusive demo days, where they can bring their company representatives and own guests as required.”

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