14/02/2023 - 16:22 pm

Faresin’s Full Electric telehandler range

Faresin has developed a telehandler range for the modern worksite that can deliver a similar performance to those machines with endothermic engines and is suitable for use in areas with eco-sensitive regulations.

The Big Range Full Electric series was presented at Bauma when  the new 17.45 Full Electric, was shown. Faresin says that is the world’s first electric telehandler with a maximum lifting height of 17m and a maximum lifting capacity of 4.5t. Its front outriggers contribute to high performance and great stability on any type of terrain when lifting and handling at high altitudes.

At the heart of the new telehandler is a 45.36kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery pack at 435V that powers two electric motors: one, 51kW, for transmission; the other, 23kW, dedicated to services. The power is delivered as needed thanks to a made-in-Faresin process that avoids wasted energy in favour of charge duration.

Due to the ‘smart’ power, the performance of the Big Range Full Electric is comparable to that achieved with diesel engines. It has a peak pulling force 44.3kN and top speed of 25km/h.

The asymmetrical availability of different power systems has always been a weakness of electrified construction vehicles. The onboard system of the Big Range Full Electric allows batteries to be recharged with absolute flexibility, due to a single plug interface for 220V single-phase and 400V three-phase power supplies such as for the fast-charging column.

The new Big Range Full Electric series, like its diesel-powered twin, includes three models:

  • 42 Full Electric, with a capacity of 4.2t and a lifting height of 14m
  • 40 Full Electric, with a capacity of 4t tand a lifting height of 17m
  • 45 Full Electric, with a capacity of 4.5t and a lifting height of 17m


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