01/02/2024 - 07:30 am

Sinoboom streamlines delivery via the China-Europe Railway Express

On 28 and 31 January, a series of specially chartered Sinotrans freight trains took to the rails carrying more than 500 Sinoboom MEWPs to Europe. The arrangement promises speedy and environmentally friendly dispatch of equipment produced in the Sinoboom Intelligent Manufacturing Park in Changsha.

The China-Europe Railway Express has developed to become an effective and efficient mode of international transportation. It offers advantages of convenience, speed, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Sinotrans is one of China’s largest logistics companies, operating an international rail freight network from four centres in China, of which Changsha, Sinoboom’s hometown, is one. For this project, Sinotrans has provided Sinoboom with a full range of customised services, including a series of logistics solutions and processes designed to streamline tasks such as collection, packing and customs declaration preparations. The result is dramatically enhanced timescales, saving almost a month of transportation time when compared to previous 50-day overseas transport by sea freight.

In addition to time savings, transport by rail represents a cleaner, greener logistics solution compared to sea transport which, as well as CO2 emissions, creates significant amounts of other air and sea pollutants. In contrast, with rail freight there are hardly any direct emissions. With increasing numbers of Sinoboom’s partners expressing concerns about CO2 emissions and a desire to offer eco-friendly MEWPs to their customers, rail freight provides an additional layer of green accountability.

Susan Xu, CEO of Sinoboom, said, “Sinoboom has developed rapidly in overseas markets in recent years. By actively exploring efficient, localised and high-quality diversified service solutions, the total revenue from overseas markets has increased over 100% in 2023. Now, with the help of the efficient transport method of the China-Europe Railway Express, not only can orders be quickly delivered, but also green and low-carbon transportation is achieved. This is a real milestone for Sinoboom and Sinoboom’s partners. We always seek to serve local customers with optimal logistics solutions.”

The China-Europe Railway Express represents a more stable logistics channel for Sinoboom, which in turn means more timely availability for customers. This logistics solution will further accelerate the process of Sinoboom’s comprehensive internationalisation.

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