10/01/2024 - 12:44 pm

Shipping solutions

≈The use of aerial work platforms in a salty environment requires effective protection against splashes of seawater, shellfish or other residues on the machine’s dashboard. Manitou Group’s “Special Solutions” department created a tailor-made solution for a customer using an aerial work platform to wash boat hulls.

To protect this dashboard, also known as a console, the Special Solutions department carried out several tests with its suppliers to validate the composition of the protection. Made from silicone, this cover will not yellow over time, and is resistant to various chemical splashes, especially paint. Silicone’s transparency also ensures excellent visibility of all indicator lights and diagrams shown on the console. Last but not least, silicone’s elasticity makes it extremely ergonomic, perfectly fitting the joysticks and push-buttons with an average thickness of just 2 mm. The cover is easy to slip on and off, thanks to rivets on either side of the console.

Eric Rocheteau, engineering manager at Manitou Group’s AWP Product Unit, explains, “We worked closely with our customer to ensure that this cover could be adapted to aerial work platforms of different heights, while guaranteeing our standards of safety and ease of use of the console. In fact, our customer has ordered a dozen of these covers for its many uses.”

Easy to maintain, the cover is compatible with a large number of all terrain aerial platforms such as the Manitou TJ and ATJ ranges, for working heights from 16 m to 28 m. Produced in just 6 months by the Special Solutions and the engineering office departments, this cover illustrates Manitou Group’s ability to adapt and provide solutions to meet all the needs of its products.

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