08/06/2021 - 14:36 pm

Lifting  beam with  adjustable counterweight

Ox Worldwide has designed a lifting beam for lifting Electrical Room modules up to 53t and 9m long. It comprises two units of adjustable four leg slings on the bottom and on top of the beam there are two hooks for shackle and sling to the hook of crane. The length of these slings can be modified by replacing the accessories with others of a different length, thus quickly modifying for another lifting configuration with the centre of gravity in a different position.

The new configuration will require moving the movable counterweight so that the beam is also perfectly horizontal when empty. This can be done easily by means of the manual wheel that, since it operates an irreversible spindle remains locked in the position where it is carried. It also has a measuring ruler that allows the user to easily indicate, in a list of lifting configurations, the position of the counterweight in each configuration.

Configuration changes occur all the time due to the change of a model or brand of a piece of equipment on the machine or because the load must be handled without a certain element, for example.

This system can adapt to differing positions of the centre of gravity within a range of up to 3m. For more than 3m the system only requires the upper lifting accessories to be replaced. Multiple top links or a movable lug can also be incorporated in order to achieve the same effect without having to change accessories.

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