09/12/2019 - 10:16 am

New Magnetek BrandTandem Crane Radio Remote Control System.

Columbus McKinnon, leading supplier of motion control products today announced the availability of new CE compliant Magnetek brand Tandem Crane Radio Remote Control Systems for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). This easily programmed radio remote control system is the ideal solution for applications requiring two crane systems to operate in conjunction with one another.

“We combined superior performance with ease of use into this cost-effective package that is unique in the marketplace,” said Norm Davis, product manager for radio controls. “Incorporating advanced, reliable, two-way communication that informs operators of system status, Tandem Crane Control Systems help improve facility safety and efficiency.”

Compliant with EN15011 and EN7121 standards, the Tandem Crane Radio Remote Control System enables self-adjusting movement, improves safety for the operator and work environment, and minimises downtime. A single user can easily control two cranes with the Tandem Crane Control System. Crane movements are safely operated with one transmitter, reducing the need for a second operator. When a fault is detected, the system halts motion on both cranes to prevent separation of tandem crane motion that could result in equipment damage or operator injury. Once the fault has been cleared, safe operation can resume.

The IP66-rated Flex VUE transmitter, included with the system, offers two-way communication and an LCD screen that displays at-a-glance status and diagnostic information, such as battery life, signal strength, and important warning signals. Easy-to-access system status information eliminates the need for in-depth inspection and enables planned maintenance to minimise downtime. Radio Control Programmer (RCP) software is also available, which allows for simple transmitter and receiver programming. RCP assists with customisation of key parameters such as RF channel and access codes, along with real-time status and diagnostics information shown on the transmitter display, to best fit application needs.


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