30/04/2021 - 12:41 pm

CP Automation expanded Magnetek product line

Drives, automation and power quality specialist CP Automation is now distributing and fitting the Magnetek-brand MagnePulse DMC Series 2 Digital Magnet Control, the OmniPulse DDC series 2 Digital DC Drive, the Flex VUE Tandem Crane Control and newly rebranded Flex Wave Radio Remote Control product lines. These latest releases will bolster CP Automation’s range of products for the crane and hoist industry.

Designed to combine safety and performance features in one easy-to-use control, MagnePulse DMC Series 2 offers comprehensive system monitoring that can be used on processes and equipment for optimal efficiency. The latest in DC-to-DC control, it is ideal for operation of industrial lifting magnets in heavy-duty applications.

Also designed with safety in mind, the energy efficient Magnetek OmniPulse DDC Series 2 drives improve the performance and reliability of DC-operated material handling applications. The drive is an efficient, modern option, designed for quick setup, easy data access and remote monitoring. The DDC Series 2 is also a perfect retrofit drop-in replacement for previously installed DDC Series 1 and Responder drives.

Magnetek, a Columbus McKinnon brand, has also released two new radio remote control product lines. Formerly known as the Flex EX2, the rebranded Flex Wave Radio Remote Control line is durable, rugged, and feature-rich, ideal for use in material handling, overhead crane, and industrial applications. Using two cranes for tandem lift operations safely can be challenging. The Flex VUE Tandem Crane Control allows operators to safely control two cranes that carry out these challenging tandem operations with a single transmitter for improved productivity, while ensuring safety as the primary focus.

“Magnetek crane controls have unmatched longevity and quality in the market,” explained John Mitchell, global sales and marketing director at CP Automation. “This is why we’ve chosen to work so closely with Magnetek over the past few years. Our customers can now benefit from this expanded range of drives, controls and crane-specific products, coupled with our technical expertise and excellent customer service.”

Reducing downtime, increasing safety and promoting energy efficiency are paramount in the crane industry. To reap these benefits, businesses must look beyond each individual product’s specifications and consider the operation of their entire system. For this level of analysis, expert knowledge is required.

“CP Automation’s in-house expertise and crane industry knowledge offers just this,” continued Mitchell. “Crane OEMs can go to CP Automation for an integrated product bundle that has been expertly selected to meet even the most demanding system specifications. Our trained engineers can advise, fit and troubleshoot as required throughout the project, streamlining communication and keeping challenging projects on track.”

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