29/09/2020 - 19:27 pm

New Magnetek Flex Duo radio remote control

Columbus McKinnon Corporation, a leading designer and manufacturer of motion control products and technologies for material handling, has expanded  its Flex radio remote control portfolio with the new Flex Duo.

Flex Duo is a true two-button, handheld radio remote control system built specifically for single-motion applications, such as hoists, boat lifts, trailers, pumps and more. The Flex Duo is designed for dual-direction motion such as up/down, forward/backward or in/out.

Flex Duo helps increase safety in facilities, giving operators freedom of movement and better visibility by shifting the vantage points when controlling equipment, allowing them to manage motions further away from a potentially hazardous situation as compared to using a pendant. Plus, with its ergonomic design, the Flex Duo reduces fatigue on operators’ hands and allows for continued accurate control of equipment, helping to maintain safe operations throughout a shift.

“Other two-button transmitters are often scaled down versions of larger systems that include blocked-out buttons,” said Ben Stoller, global product manager for controls. “As a true two-button transmitter, the Flex Duo is designed to be lightweight and is comfortably contoured to fit in the palm of an operator’s hand with the same high-quality construction as our other Magnetek-brand Flex radio remote controls.”

The Flex Duo can be easily combined with Columbus McKinnon’s portfolio of motorised chain hoists. Designed to work together for optimal performance, the Flex Duo helps provide accuracy, precision, and ergonomic control for lifting and positioning applications. Since the Flex Duo is designed specifically for two-button use, there is no need to modify a larger system that is intended to fit a broad application base. With lower engineering and manufacturing costs, this specially designed radio remote control is a more economical option.

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