22/06/2020 - 18:43 pm

Hyster raises a glass to success

The Hyster Company has earned a spot on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive annual list of 100 top supply chain projects, for helping to increase the efficiency of the New Belgium Brewing Company’s keg line operations.

In late 2015, the New Belgium Brewing Company opened the Asheville, North Carolina, USA location with a capacity of 250,000 barrels. From the opening, this new location encountered logistical challenges with its packaging and distribution. It also had distinct needs for its keg line, which was located in a small and tight space. New Belgium Brewing Company looked to Hyster Company to recommend solutions to streamline the operation.

“Based on the size of our lines and the smaller footprint of our brewery, we needed forklifts that were easy to manoeuvre in small, tight spaces,” says Phillip Pollick, packing manager and beer traffic controller at the New Belgium Brewing Company. “Our operators appreciate the comfort and ease of use Hyster forklifts provide and that’s helped us grow from zero barrels to 250,000 in less than two years.”

Hyster worked with New Belgium to deploy electric forklifts that allow for manoeuvrability in tight spaces, with greater fuel efficiency and reduced emissions compared to other power options. With the smaller profiled forklifts, operators can now easily load and unload supplies at the keg line and elsewhere throughout the Asheville facility.

New Belgium worked with the experts at Hyster to help identify appropriate, beneficial add-ons, such as reverse lights and seat-side mini-levers to meet needs for operator control and visibility in the New Belgium facility. Additionally, ergonomic features of the trucks helped increase productivity and limit operator fatigue.



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