04/02/2020 - 15:04 pm

Minicrane lifts giant steel leopard sculpture

A Unic mini spider crane and a team of GGR Group’s skilled crane operators helped install an eye-catching centrepiece on Aberdeen’s historic “Coat of Arms” in Scotland.

This beautiful steel leopard was created by internationally acclaimed sculptor Andy Scott was lifted into position by a 10t capacity Unic URW-1006 spider crane.

“Poised” is made from small galvanized steel pieces welded together to create a shimmering mosaic effect. After 12 months of work in the artist’s studio, the magnificent leopard sculpture took just two days to install because of the efforts of the installation team and GGR Group’s mini crane.

The leopard was delivered in three separate pieces, which the crane lifted into place on the ground to be fixed together. Once the 4.8m tall leopard was complete, the Unic mini crane safely lifted the 2.2t sculpture up onto a 10m column.

The Unic spider crane proved to be the most suitable piece of equipment for installing the leopard sculpture as it could move through restricted access areas and lift to the required height from its position to safely lift the sculpture into place.

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