20/10/2022 - 18:49 pm

BSI receives one of the first Genie S-80 J TraX booms in Germany

In August, authorised dealer BSI GmbH (BSI), specialist for lifting and height access technology from Dortmund, received one of the first Genie S-80 J TraX boom lifts in Germany.

The Genie S-80 J TraX – the first and only tracked boom in its height class – provides exceptional terrainability and lower contact pressure for reduced damage when operating on sensitive ground conditions, as well as a smooth drive on rough terrain.

Sven-Meyland Nielsen, managing director of BSI, said, “We decided on the innovative S-80 J TraX because the 26.51m (86ft 5in) working height combined with the track drive was missing in our portfolio range. This combination of working height and track drive is offered only by Genie, making it a unique and ideal addition to any rental fleet.”

The S-80 J TraX offers an unrestricted platform capacity of 300kg (660lb) for two operators plus tools, along with high ground clearance to help clear rocks, curbs, trailer break-overs and other daily obstacles.

Nielsen says that BSI’s new S-80 J TraX is ideal for applications in steel and timber construction, in forestry, and year-round applications where the ground is rough. In fact, the boom’s first application is in forestry operations in Northern Germany’s Harz mountains, picking fir cones that are needed for their seeds. Good off-road mobility and the TraX system make the S-80 J TraX the ideal machine for the five-month job, which must be done during the winter months.

“It is precisely this versatility — the ability to work in any terrain even during the winter — that guarantees a good utilisation rate in the rental business. For these special applications, this unique machine is in high demand and, therefore, it can secure excellent rental rates,” Nielsen says. “In addition, it is ideal for sensitive ground conditions due to the low occupied floor pressure of 257psf (12.32kPa), the track contact pressure of 108 kPa and the low machine weight of 13,018kg (28,700lb). This low weight sets it apart from other machines in this category.”

Genie’s patented track design, which features 4 independent tracks that swivel vertically up to 20deg, ensures a smooth drive on rough ground conditions. The S-80 J TraX is based on the Genie S-80 J boom, which is known for its optimised design and reduced complexity, and is simple and intuitive to operate, with reduced maintenance.

Nielsen adds, “Another advantage is the special construction of the Genie J-series for applications that need to reach over obstacles. Thanks to the optimised design of the articulation of the primary boom with the secondary boom, it offers a unique and innovative feature that is normally not found on a telescopic boom.”

Although the S-80 J TraX machine is new to BSI’s fleet, Nielsen says he is confident, based on his experience with the Genie brand, that the machine will deliver on quality and live up to its reputation for reduced maintenance and a lower total cost of ownership.

“For me, Genie is one of the top brands for access platforms,” Nielsen says. “In addition to a focus on quality, we share a common commitment to delivering superior customer service.”

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