12/11/2020 - 13:42 pm

First Sinoboom BV delivery to Spain

A selection of Sinoboom electric-powered scissor lifts have just been delivered to Malcop, a new customer for Sinoboom. This is the first sale to a customer in Spain for Sinoboom BV.

Malcop is one of Spain’s key names in the construction equipment rental industry, with branches across the country in Alicante, Madrid, Valencia, Murcia, Albacete, Malaga and Cuenca. It has chosen to expand its access equipment offering with a mix of electric- and hydraulic-drive Sinoboom scissor lifts which cover working heights from 5.8m to 13.9m.

Malcop’s general manager, Antonio Ruiz de Leon, received the delivery from Sinoboom BV’s regional manager, José Miguel Peña, at the Alicante branch and looks forward to hearing customers’ feedback very soon.

José Miguel Peña said, “Malcop decided to invest in Sinoboom because of the standard specifications and the build quality of our machines compared to other manufacturers.”

Speaking from Sinoboom BV’s head office in the Netherlands, CEO Tim Whiteman said, “We are really excited to have completed this first sale in Spain. It’s the start of many more.”

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