28/09/2021 - 14:52 pm

GGR Group hits new heights with Galizia GF180 sale

GGR Group, a  leading UK lifting solutions and plant specialist, is celebrating after securing the first UK sale of a Galizia GF180, delivered to Sangwin Plant Hire at the Vertikal Days exhibition 22-23 September 2021.

With more than 20 years experience in the manufacture of pick-and-carry cranes, Galizia has long been the supplier of choice for GGR in the field of pick and carry cranes.  With GGR Group already stocking more than 14 of the existing Galiza models, the GF180 is a welcome addition to the business’s ever-growing fleet.

The benefits of the Galizia GF180 include outstanding steering abilities due to its opposite directional drive front axle, longer battery life, greater manoeuvrability, 12m of main boom and a double stage 3.5m hydraulic fly jib as well as low marking tyres and full radio remote control.

With a 3525mm steering radius, the GF180 is a perfect crane to lift, shift and place loads without the need for outriggers and without compromising lifting quality.  The low marking tyres makes it an ideal solution for working in factories with sensitive flooring, a key requirement for Sangwin. Coupled with the 18t lifting capacity, the Galizia GF180 also has radio controlled functionality for ultimate ease-of-use. It is the perfect solution for assisting with factory movements, lifting heavy industrial equipment, lifting injection moulded dyes or to be used in areas with sensitive flooring and where manoeuvrability is important.

GGR Group’s Sales and Business Development Director Michael Heneghan said: “I believe that it is the ideal solution that Sangwin have been looking for.   We have a good relationship with Sangwin since we supplied them with a Galizia G150 unit so we are happy to help them out again and provide a solution that meets their exact requirements.”

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