08/12/2020 - 12:15 pm

Flannery Plant Hire first in UK to offer electric telehandlers

The UK’s official dealer for Faresin Electric Telehandlers – GGR Group – has delivered six new units to  Flannery Plant Hire making it the first company in the UK to offer battery powered telehandlers for rental.

The purchase follows growing demand for eco-friendly plant and equipment across the UK, particularly in low emission zones such as London. The new Faresin electric telehandler is powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, which unlike regular lead acid batteries can be opportunity charged without any damage or reduction to the battery life. A fast charging system allows the batteries to be rapidly topped up at convenient intervals throughout the day, such as during breaks. A regular 110V on-board charger is included when larger power supplies are not available and can be used for an overnight charge.

The standard 300Ah battery will last up to six hours of typical use with a rapid recharge time of 1.5 hours from zero with the external fast charger. An optional 400Ah battery is good for eight hours of standard usage and has a two-hour recharge time.  The electric machine provides a range of benefits and notable savings, not only in emission levels, but also maintenance and running costs when compared to traditional internal combustion engine equipment.

Niall Hester, operations director South for Flannery Plant Hire said, “We have seen the electric telehandler being used successfully on some of the UK’s biggest projects, including work on the HS2 Main Works site in West Ruislip. Not only does the machine help Flannery Plant Hire reduce its environmental impact, we can pass this through the supply chain to help our clients achieve their low-carbon goals. The investment in a new fleet has given us a competitive advantage to meet the growing pressure to utilise low emission plant equipment on sites.”

UK Faresin sales manager at GGR Group, Sam Edwards added, “We are delighted to have worked with Flannery Plant Hire on this landmark sale for the UK market and look forward to working with them in the future to help grow their Electric Telehandler fleet. Following the purchase of their first machine in July, the investment in an additional five telehandlers is a true testament to the quality and capability of this machine.

“The electric telehandler has been well received by the UK market and the demand for this machine has grown significantly over the last year. So that we can cater for demand at short notice, we have committed to a monthly stock of Eco Telehandlers and can offer quick delivery times. We have also added three more units to our demonstration fleet to allow more potential customers to experience the benefits”.

“Thanks to a new dedicated production line in Italy, we are also looking at faster turnaround times for custom orders. Faresin currently has a capacity to manufacture up to 50 machines per month however this will increase to 70 machines next year.”

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