12/04/2022 - 10:54 am

Jungheinrich opens new development centre in Zagreb

Jungheinrich has opened a new hub for software and hardware development in the Croatian capital Zagreb. With ‘Jungheinrich Business Services Croatia,’ the company is further expanding its expertise in digitalisation and automation and meeting the growing demand for its digital products.

Jungheinrich is working intensively on the megatrends digitalisation and automation in intralogistics and has now opened a new development hub. At the new site in Zagreb, IT experts are developing innovative software and hardware for mobile robots, control systems and automated storage and retrieval system, intending to design pioneering solutions for the challenges of Industry 4.0. Digital products such as Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System and Fleet Management System will be further developed and optimised here.

The establishment of the site is a key element for Jungheinrich to continue to grow in digital products and automation solutions. Markus Skof, vice president of Technics Digital Products, Jungheinrich Systemlösungen GmbH said, “As an academic and technical hotspot, Zagreb is the ideal location for our goal.” Attractive talents and professionals graduate from the capital’s universities and colleges each year. It is precisely these talents that Jungheinrich wants to attract to its development hub, which is to be continuously expanded in the coming years. The company plans to triple the number of employees on site by 2025.

Site manager Helena Vojnovic also focuses on the advantages of the new working world and an agile mindset. This creates a working environment that promotes creativity and makes innovation possible. Developers are also offered modern office concepts and flexible working models with home office options.

At the same time, the development hub enables Jungheinrich to expand its existing international network for digital development. Besides Zagreb, this network includes Hamburg, Munich, Madrid and Graz. To create valuable synergies, the Croatian team works closely with experts from other Jungheinrich software centres, above all with Jungheinrich Systemlösungen in Graz.

Overall, the company is taking an important step towards implementing its Group Strategy 2025+. In addition to expanding automation and digitalisation, Jungheinrich is pursuing the goal of broadening its global footprint.

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