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Jungheinrich’s PowerCube and addedVIEW fork camera win awards at IFOY 2023

The International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year (IFOY) Awards 2023 ceremony took place on 22 June in Dortmund, Germany.  Both Jungheinrich’s  ultra-compact PowerCube storage system and the innovative addedVIEW fork camera with barcode scanning received the much-coveted awards in their respective categories.

The Jungheinrich PowerCube, an automated compact container warehouse for the particularly compact storage and order picking of small parts as well as unit loads, won in the ‘Intralogistics Robots’ category. The modular racking system of the PowerCube accommodates totes that are stacked in vertical channels up to 12m high. This system height enables particularly space-efficient tote storage in a very small area.

The addedVIEW fork camera from Jungheinrich triumphed in the ‘Special of the Year’ category. With its ability to read barcodes directly at the storage location and compare them with the specifications of the warehouse management system, the camera enables a significant minimisation of storage and retrieval errors and thus increases efficiency and safety in the warehouse. By placing the fully digital camera in the fork, the locations of goods movement and scanning converge. Receipting is carried out in a particularly ergonomic way via a button directly on the steering wheel.

Jungheinrich’s chief sales officer Christian Erlach is delighted with the awards in not only one but two categories: “With these two victories at the IFOY Awards 2023, Jungheinrich is once again underlining its position as a leading company in the development of innovative and efficient intralogistics solutions. We are very proud of this recognition. With the Jungheinrich PowerCube and the addedVIEW fork camera, we offer our customers innovative solutions that increase their competitiveness and significantly improve efficiency in the warehouse.”

Jungheinrich addedVIEW fork camera

Accurate documentation of the storage and retrieval of goods is crucial in any warehouse. Errors in the deployment or storage of goods in the warehouse management system (WMS) can lead to serious problems – from incorrectly allocated storage locations and unexpected search times to returns and loss of goods. To effectively address this challenge, Jungheinrich has developed the addedVIEW fork camera with barcode scanner. It is able to read barcodes directly at the storage location and compare them with the specifications of the WMS. This enables immediate and accurate identification and thus the avoidance of errors before they even enter the system. By integrating this technology into the warehouse process, companies can significantly reduce the number of incorrect bookings and stock placements, resulting in a considerable increase in efficiency.


The addedVIEW fork camera is fully digital and features full HD resolution, broadband automotive Ethernet data transmission and software to transfer the results to any WMS. For the Jungheinrich WMS, the product is equipped with additional intelligence. This makes it possible to recognise whether the correct or incorrect barcode is located in front of the tine by means of coloured overlays in the camera image as the forklift passes by. In addition to the advantages for the warehouse management, the forklift drivers benefit from the significantly improved image quality as well as the ergonomic receipting function directly on the steering wheel. Overall, the fully digital fork camera addedVIEW eliminates hidden search and error costs for customers. The process becomes faster, more reliable and thus significantly more cost-effective per pallet.

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