18/01/2021 - 20:43 pm

Tri-Lift appointed as Bronto distributor in Canada

Tri-Lift has been appointed as Bronto Skylift’s distributor in Canada. Tri-Lift is a division of Tri-Crane, which was founded by three partners, Jason Hanna, Mark Williams and Aaron Hanna in March 2019 and is based in Ontario. TRI-Lift was established in 2020 and will be carrying out sales, service, spare parts and rentals of Bronto Skylift’s non-insulated aerial platforms.

Mark Williams said, “When we got to know Bronto Skylift we did some background research and saw great potential in the Canadian market. We have good experiences of the European OEM’s. I know how Finns do business and really look forward to the co-operation.”

Tri-Lift and Bronto Skylift were brought together by Jason Darnell, sales manager of Bronto Skylift, who knew the crew from his previous career. In addition to selling and renting the non-insulated models of Bronto Skylift aerial platforms, Tri-Lift will provide full maintenance and spare part services for Bronto aerials. The first 230ft model, the S230XR is already ordered and will be available for demonstration and rentals in March 2021.

Darnell said, “I look forward to working with the Tri-Lift team; I believe they are one of the industry leaders who know the market in this country. I also feel this team is well respected within the industry so customers will take their new partnership with Bronto Skylift as serious as they do.”

The Tri-Lift crew truly enjoys working hands-on in the industry’s most difficult projects and going the extra mile for its customers.

Jason Hanna said, “It’s our passion to always find a solution even for the most difficult projects, that nobody else wants to do. When others turn away, we go there.”

Being able to provide Bronto aerial platforms gives Tri-Lift the flexibility to cover multiple industries and complicated projects in filming industry, the wind sector and other applications.

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