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Green booms

Dino RXTE is an extension of the Dino RXT Series of lightweight 4×4 boom lifts with the

advantage of silent operation and zero local emissions and low cost of operation. The Dino RXTE supports the European green deal target in reducing carbon dioxide emission. Like on the current diesel variant which will remain in the offering the Dino RXTE Series will include two different working height models of 22 an 28m equipped with either an AGM or Li-Ion battery pack.

Being an all-electric MEWP it is possible to take the lift to emission restricted zones inside cities as well as indoors. Operator comfort is supreme as there are no vibrations in the basket. One of the design principles was that there is no loss on drive or boom operation speeds over the diesel version. The RXTE has multiple lift functions available to be used simultaneously – operating the outriggers simultaneously with drive is also possible. The electric motor has a continuous power rating of 15kW while the peak power is 20kW.

Having no internal combustion engine there is a general reduction in operational costs: cost of charging is minimal compared to fuel costs, there are no engine maintenance costs including no oil changes, there is also no exhaust after treatment system related maintenance costs when comparing the Dino RXT or RXTE to a larger boom lift with a larger than 19kW engine.

Due to the lightweight structure and outriggers, these machines can be taken to areas with load restrictions or where the surface is soft for example lawns. Levelling capability is up to 13.5deg with today ́s improved outrigger model. The Dino RXTE will also have four-wheel drive and two-wheel/four-wheel/crab steering.

As another starting point for the RXTE design, the structure and hydraulics largely coincides with the diesel model, which enables increased timing flexibility for the customer regarding decision on power source. With the overall weight being less than 5000kg on the 280RXTE with lithium battery pack and slightly over 5ton with the AGM battery pack the lifts can be still transported on smaller trucks or in pairs on standard flatbed trailer or in a container for longer journeys sustainably and efficiently.

Based on customer surveys, it was decided to offer two different battery technologies, that is an AGM battery pack and a lithium version with a higher capacity and longer life. A gasoline aggregate is available as an accessory for charging the batteries. Diesel model will remain in the rang alongside the fully electric models.

The RXTE will be shown to a larger audience at the Bauma exhibition 24-30 October in Munich, Germany.

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