20/10/2019 - 22:24 pm
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Palazzini shows new crane and spiders  

Palazzani launched showed a prototype of the Mini Crane RPG 2000 at Bauma 2019, the machine showed at GIS was at a more advanced production stage. Designed to be easily usable, transportable and manoeuvrable, the RPG 2000 allows the operator to lift loads in narrow spaces or difficult access, where a truck-mounted crane cannot operate.

The RPG 2000 has compact dimensions, a reduced weight and articulated stabilisers with telescopic extensions offering three different positioning options and self-levelling. This allows the minicrane to be positioned and work almost anywhere. The RPG 2000 has a maximum capacity of 2.9t and will enter in production in 2020.

The Ragno XTJ 37+ spider lift, also launched during Bauma 2019, received a lot of interest at the GIS show. It has a 37m working height and 14.5m outreach, with maximum 330 kg capacity in the cage. It was shown in the crawler, bi-energy – diesel+AC  – power option.

Also on show were the Ragno XTJ 43+, Ragno TZ 330+ and Ragno TZX 250 shown in its ECO AC/DC power option with lithium batteries and zero emissions.

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