23/07/2021 - 14:12 pm

Purpose built batteries for the access industry

International battery specialist Discover Battery has introduced a range of dry cell batteries designed specifically for the powered access industry.

Its latest dry cell Resilience range incorporates a hydro polymer technology that provides exceptional resilience to battery dry-out that typically occurs from the heavy and prolonged use of battery powered and hybrid powered access platforms.

In developing the range, Discover data logged the typical use of batteries within the access industry, while also evaluating batteries reaching end of life or that failed prematurely. The three most common causes of failure were: continuous operation at partial state of charge; high current deep discharge and high operating temperature.

To help overcome these issues, the batteries were designed with increased electrolyte saturation levels, an ultra-absorbent separator and improved battery charge acceptance. Rigorous resilience tests, simulating real-life battery conditions, revealed its Resilience range not only delivered 15% more capacity, but also that they lasted longer than dry cell batteries without Hydro Polymer Technology. Even batteries nearing end of life delivered more consistent runtimes when subjected to sub-optimal working and charging conditions. They also offered faster recharge times, with platforms spending less time on charge and more time on hire.

Jimmy Au, Discover Battery’s product and business development VP, says,  “Most battery manufacturers test or validate products in a controlled lab environment or under ‘ideal conditions’. The actual use and treatment of batteries within the access industry couldn’t be more different. Used on large or remote sites, sometimes with limited access to power, batteries end up half run, used intermittently and topped up with a mixture of chargers etc. Our latest dry cell Resilience range looks to provide both users and equipment owners with a more robust battery, designed to withstand and protect against common battery challenges that are all too often encountered by the access industry.”

As with all Discover batteries, the entire dry cell Resilience range is sealed (non-spill) and maintenance free. Available in a wide selection of sizes, they are suitable for all platform types, from the smallest low level platforms right up to the largest boom and scissor lifts. As well as offering significant benefits and improved safety over traditional flooded lead-acid batteries, they also deliver higher operating voltages, longer runtime and the ability to withstand deep discharges compared with standard AGM maintenance-free batteries.

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