31/08/2021 - 11:30 am
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Smallest hand chain hoist with full 360deg rotation

Columbus McKinnon Corporation has introduced the CM Hurricane Mini 360° Hand Chain Hoist. Small and lightweight, the CM Hurricane Mini 360° is the smallest hand chain hoist on the market with full 360deg rotation, providing versatility as well as portability.

“We wanted to offer the market a smaller hand chain hoist with an added advantage for operators: the ability to lift loads from any angle or position – even above the load,” says Andre Schon, senior product manager – Global. “That versatility makes the Hurricane Mini 360° suitable for a wide range of applications and industries, from construction to entertainment.”

While intentionally compact and lightweight, the CM Hurricane Mini 360° is designed to lift up to 20ft with capacities of 0.25USt and 0.5USt. It is ideal for narrow workspaces that do not have a nearby power source and is easy to carry and install for on-the-go lifting applications.

The CM Hurricane Mini 360° features a rotating hand chain cover which allows the hand chain to rotate a full 360deg for safe and efficient operation from any angle allowing the user to operate outside of the load path. It has anti-corrosive features, including an aluminium alloy hoist frame and zinc-plated chains and double pawl brake system for increased safety.

In addition to the launch of the CM Hurricane Mini 360°, Columbus McKinnon Corporation recently launched the CM HTP and HTG Clevis Trolley. Compatible with nearly any Columbus McKinnon hoist brand or model, including the CM Hurricane Mini 360°, the CM HTP and HTG Clevis Trolley can be easily installed in seconds and positioned by turning the trolley axle to adjust the flange width, eliminating the need for loose parts (such as spacer washers).

CM HTP and HTG Clevis Trolley ensures smooth, reliable operation with wheels that are pre-lubricated with encapsulated ball bearings for smooth rolling and wrap around steel trolley guards which protect the trolley and provide drop protection.

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