09/06/2021 - 15:46 pm
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LES supports Columbus McKinnon with pre-launch of new YaleMINI 360 Hand Chain Hoist

Columbus McKinnon, a global leader in lifting and smart motion control technology, is launching a new hand chain hoist with the support of Lifting Equipment Store. The YaleMINI 360 Hand Chain Hoist has been designed as a spin-off from the well-established Yalelift 360 Chain Hoist, believed to be the first chain hoist to allow 360deg rotation of the hand chain.

Lifting Equipment Store is offering this new, small, lightweight hoist for pre-order from its website with delivery being promised from 26 July 2021. Its size allows it to fit into nearly every toolbox giving it an advantage over other chain hoists. The block, which is precisely machined from die-cast aluminium, features large upper and lower hooks fitted with heavy duty, spring-loaded safety catches. A galvanised load chain and a hand chain with a bright zinc finish, along with the internal parts, are all well protected making the hoist suitable for outdoor use.

The YaleMINI 360 Hand Chain Hoist also features a compliant load pressure brake that enables the load to be held in any position and the hoist used in any direction. Due to the 360-rotating chain guide, users can also safely operate it from any position with confidence. The hoist features forged lifting and load hooks made from age-resistant high-alloy tempered steel, which stretches when overloaded (as opposed to snapping like many other hoists). In addition, both hooks can rotate 360deg.

Will Dunn, CEO of Lifting Equipment Store UK and president of Lifting Equipment Store, USA, said, “We are delighted to bring this new hoist to the market. Given its unique features, we’re sure it will be welcomed by a broad range of our customers.”

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