25/05/2021 - 13:17 pm
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Electric pallet truck ERD 220i wins Red Dot Award

Jungheinrich’s new electric pallet truck ERD 220i has won the Red Dot Design Award. The truck, which is about 25% shorter than its predecessor due to its new lithium-ion battery concept, won over the jury with its innovative and groundbreaking design. Its compact design paired with advanced technology and high functionality makes it an exemplary pioneer in the pallet truck segment according to the jury.

Every year since 1955, the Red Dot Award for Product Design chooses the best and most innovative products from around the world in over 50 categories. An international jury of independent designers, design professors and journalists chooses products from thousands of entries every year that stand out for their design quality.

Andreas Knie, industrial designer at Jungheinrich says, “Good product design reacts to concrete customer needs and shapes suitable solutions. In the ERD 220i, the most compact dimensions, intuitive operability, tangible agility and reliable safety are consistently combined without displacing each other. The operator gets an ergonomically designed, versatile and safe driver’s seat, and the radically reduced dimensions also create more space and freedom of movement in the warehouse.”

Instead of installing a large battery between the platform and forks as has been the case in the past, Jungheinrich has accommodated the battery modules in the ERD 220i within the truck chassis. The removal of the heavy battery tray offers significant benefits in the truck performance. The space saved now allows the truck to be offered in two spacious platform varieties without losing any significant compactness or agility. Both platforms have fixed lateral protection panels on three sides and guarantee safe driving and comfortable standing. At the same time, the ERD 220i is the most compact truck of its class with an L2 dimension of only 1065 mm. Thanks to these small dimensions, the turning radius shrinks to less than two metres. This allows for precise manoeuvring even in narrow environments and frees up space to be better used in existing warehouses.

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