24/06/2022 - 10:43 am

Faresin reports a successful 2021

Faresin Industries has presented its Annual Report 2021 to the financial community. Sante Faresin, chairman of Faresin Industries, said “We are very satisfied with our 2021 results because we could confirm the development and growth trend of recent years with +17.9% on turnover and +27.6% on EBITDA. Net profit is also rising: up 12,2% compared to 2020.

“This is an important result because we achieved it in a year that was even more difficult than 2020. Several structural problems that caused a crisis in the supply chain affected 2021 and made the economic scenario very fluid and unpredictable,” said Sante Faresin.

Faresin Industries attributes these positive performance results to quick and analytical decision-making skills. Due to its compactness and flexibility, the company well positioned to face the economic situation, with an industrial vision based on three cornerstones: engineering, innovation and sustainability.

Because of the strong global demand for machinery, Faresin achieved a 18.2% growth in terms of units sold, compared to 2020. Faresin believes this performance results from good product quality and the expansion of the sales network. Faresin opened two new branches in strategic regions for European agriculture: one in Germany in Lower Saxony, the other in France in Normandy.

During the last financial year, Faresin Industries reaped the first rewards of the important investments made in the industrial sector and the inter-functional integration work of the previous two years. The international launch of the new FS 7.32 Compact, the first of the new generation of Faresin telehandlers, was the culmination of an integrated effort from the entire company.

Alongside technological development, Faresin has put emphasis on optimising flows and digitalising industrial processes, while continuing to focus on the growth of skills and the motivation of resources. In line with this approach, the Faresin Academy was born at the end of 2021. It is aimed not only at employees but at the entire Faresin ‘world’: dealers, international partners, suppliers, and end customers.

Faresin Industries believes that it has shown its capacity to capitalise on the opportunities that the economic situation is offering, despite the difficulties. That is because Faresin’s strength is having a plan for the future and strongly believing in it.

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