20/07/2021 - 12:16 pm

Faresin fully electric compact telehandler

The most compact model in the Faresin telehandlers’ range with a 2.6t lifting capacity and a maximum height reach of 5.8m, is now available in full electric version with up to eight hours battery life.

In response to ‘green’ policy development to reduce the environmental impact of agro-industrial sectors, Faresin’s R&D centre has developed a fully electric telescopic handler, based on its corresponding 6.26 model with an endothermic engine. This model is made entirely in Italy, it produces zero emissions with reduced noise levels. For these reasons, it can be used in closed environments such as the centre of towns, warehouses, logistics areas, greenhouses, barns and stables.

The Faresin 6.26 fully electric telehandler has the same dimensions of the diesel model: a wheelbase of 2525mm, a height of 1935mm and a track width of 1550mm. The overall weight, without tools, is approximately 4800kg. The compact dimensions are designed to optimise manoeuvrability of the machine for use in restricted operating space.

Faresin equips its fully electric telehandler with two synchronous electric motors powered by lithium batteries. Two types of power supply are available for this model: a standard lithium battery of 300Ah at 80V, with up to six hours of battery life; or a 400Ah at 80V lithium battery with up to eight hours of battery life (optional). Performance remains constant until the battery charge reaches 5%; then functions will automatically slow down, in order to warn the operator, who can move to the nearest charging point.

The transmission is electric, single-speed, with speeds from 0 to 15km/hour. The 4-wheel drive is permanent with an electric motor on the front axle and transmission by shaft to the rear axle. The hydraulic system consists of a gear pump with a flow rate of of 80l/min at 230bar, driven by the second by the second electric motor (10kW), for moving the boom. Three steering modes, selectable by the operator, are included: front wheels only (for transfers); four concentric wheels, to reduce the steering radius in usual working conditions; crab steering, all four wheels turn in the same direction, to make a lateral movement, in precision handling.

The telescopic boom is articulated in two sections and when it’s in the lowered position, the boom provides a good lateral field of vision. The operator can see all four wheels from the driver’s seat. The cabin, mounted on silent-blocks, is generously sized and with a good  accessibility.  Its structure meets the standards Rops (Roll overprotective structure), ISO 3471 and Fops (Falling objects protective structure) ISO 3449.

The dashboard has the usual wrap-around shape, in front of the steering wheel with a side console along the right-hand side of the cab. There is a display where general details and battery life can be checked. The side console the dial with the starting key, the safety stop button and the selector for the steering modes, as well as the boom control joystick.  In a rear most position, next to the operator is the control panel for selecting the eco or power  mode selection, parking brake and boom flotation.

Ever since the presentation at Bauma 2019, some sharp eyed distributors spotted the potential for Faresin’s fully electric concept and began talking with the company. The feedback from customers has been positive and Faresin has ramped up production and is breaking its production records in spite of Covid-19 lockdowns. The company has now added a further production line to increase the capacity.

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