23/11/2021 - 14:02 pm

Jungheinrich expands production capacities in Czech Republic

Jungheinrich is expanding its production capacities with a new plant in the Czech city of Chomutov. In particular, the Jungheinrich Group’s production of reach trucks will take place in the roughly 37,000sqm facility starting in 2023. Construction is due to start in 2022. The project budget is around €60 million. The construction of the new site will be carried out together with a developer using the built-to-suit method. Over 350 jobs are expected to be created there.

Jungheinrich is expanding its production network with the goal of meeting the increasingly high and growing demand for its forklift trucks in the future. The reason for choosing the Chomutov site is its location at the heart of Europe and excellent logistical connections resulting from it. The new production plant is a central component needed to reach the growth targets of Strategy 2025+ and to increase both efficiency and profitability.

Sabine Neuß, member of the board of management technics at Jungheinrich AG said, “Demand for Jungheinrich trucks is constantly growing, and our production capacities must also grow accordingly. The eleventh Jungheinrich plant and one of the most modern facilities for forklift trucks in the world is being established in Chomutov. This will help us grow sustainably and profitably and increase Jungheinrich’s competitiveness in the long term.”

The current reach truck production at the Jungheinrich production plant in Norderstedt will gradually be moved to the new site in Chomutov, starting in 2023. The available capacities in Norderstedt will then be used to also enable further growth here. Jungheinrich will expand its production portfolio at the Norderstedt site and add parts of medium/high-level order pickers, which are primarily used in the constantly growing field of e-commerce.

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